Children's Shows

Music, Lyrics & Book by Ian McCracken
This musical adaptation of this magical Grimms Fairy-tale was Support Act's first production touring from 5th March until 28th April 2007

When a young shoemaker is threatened by eviction, two unknown tiny residents help him turn his shop into a success. This story of love, honour and friendship, mixed with puppetry and song captivated the attention of audiences both young and old

Music, Lyrics & Book by Ian McCracken
This wonderful production of Rumpelstiltskin is one of a series of musical adaptations produced by Support Act.

This Grimms Fairy-tale follows the life of a young miller's daughter who is forced to weave gold out of straw. She is approached by the mysterious Rumpelstiltskin and when he offers to help she is tricked into making promises that she will not be able to keep.

With realistic costumes, beautiful sets and magical puppetry, this production will captivate audiences of all ages.

Music, Lyrics Ian McCracken; Book by Thomas Hescott
This enchanting tale toured from March till July 2008.

The mystical story of ‘The Sword in the Stone’ follows the life of Arthur, a young squire destined to be king, and the magical wizard Merlin. They embark together on many adventures and whilst at a tournament, Arthur successfully pulls a sword from a stone, unwittingly fulfilling the sword's prophecy and making him king of England.

With beautiful costumes, enchanting sets and magical puppetry, this production will captivate audiences of all ages

Music, Lyrics & Book by Ian McCracken
When a poor woodcutter finds a baby abandoned in the woods, he takes the little girl home and raises her as his own. The girl grows up to be beautiful in the extreme, but also arrogant and cruel. When her father comes back, a poor beggar man, she is repulsed by the man and rejects him. Unbeknownst to her this is a test and as punishment she is cursed by having her beauty turned to ugliness. Setting out to find her father again, and gain his forgiveness, the star-child learns a painful lesson in humility and generosity.

Full Length Musical

Music, Lyrics & Book by Ian McCracken
Henry Joy McCracken is the true story of a man's search for freedom. As a founding member of the United Irishmen we follow his personal and political conflicts on the lead up to the Battle of Antrim. A story of love, loss and bravery, this musical encapsulates the passion and determination of one man's dream for a free Ireland.

Story Books

Music, Lyrics & Book by Ian McCracken
When the flower fairy princess is kidnapped on her birthday by an evil witch, it is up to a pure hearted little girl and her teddy bear to save the day. Follow Mia as she embarks on an adventure she will never forget and forges friendships that any other little girl can only dream of.

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